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Say It Well Studio

Every brand has something to say. But, if it’s not effectively communicated, it becomes white noise. Tell your story well, and it will sell. Sounds simple, right? Not when you’re busy running the day-to-day of a business, or your talent lies in design rather than copy. I can help.

As an experienced copywriter and marketing strategist, I can craft your brand story, apply an existing brand story to new campaigns and marketing materials, create engaging online content, and deliver ideas to help you grow your business.

About Megan

Megan Reeg, Copyrwriter and Strategist

Megan Reeg, Copywriter and Strategist

Copywriter and Strategist? Yes, I can create quality content. I can also help you figure out the best way and the best words to effectively engage your audience.

My career started in account management, first at a very small marketing agency where I learned to be a “Jill-of-all-trades”, a cringe-worthy but accurate title, and then to a larger one managing larger accounts. It very organically shifted to content management and creative writing. This diverse background has instilled in me the importance of a solid strategy behind every creative campaign (and the importance of deadlines).

My writing reflects not only my creativity, but also the careful thought that I put into all of my work.

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Still reading? Well, thanks. Here are a few fun facts about me…

I named Raja, the male elephant at the Saint Louis Zoo, in a city-wide naming contest in 1992. Two other people also submitted the name, which means “King” in Hindi. My knack for naming things was evident at an early age.

My dad and me with my “first-born”, Raja the elephant.

My dad and me with my “first-born”, Raja the elephant.

My birthday is May 5th. Like a true marketing nerd, I have branded it “Cinco de Mego.” I even have a belt buckle.


Megan Reeg and Her Cinco De Mego Belt -

Better than a birthday hat.